Yo!! I’m sure you’re already familiar with the dire straits my mother and I already in and have been homeless and living on the floor of a tiny room in my grandmother’s house alongside a family-known abuser who violently attacked my mother on the first day we moved in for two years now. If not, you can find a far longer and more detailed breakdown of finances, the situation, and links to evidence over HERE.

This post is to inform you all that the internet bill has hiked up by £10 to £40 a month, now shoving my monthly expenses into hovering around £400+ a month, an even more inexplicable amount of money for someone with the most minor temp income every now and then, despite years of searching for a permanent wage.

If you could at all donate to my mother and I it would give us, not only the money to survive day-to-day while I continue scraping together money from whatever I can, but also a chance to save to leave this horrible place and start to heal [both emotionally and physically, since living here we have developed constant pain and aches due to our horrible sleeping conditions].

You can donate via YouCaring HERE, via my paypal HERE, or sign up for FeaturePoints and open a few apps using my referral link HERE [on your phone, or using the code 9696AG when signing up], or SwagBucks HERE

Directly donating money, is, of course, the quickest way to donate money but if money is tight [ha ha, believe me, I know what that’s like], both FeaturePoints and SwagBucks are free and signing up with my referral links + earning yourself a few points on each sends a few points back to me which I can eventually redeem for Amazon cards [for their grocery section] or paypal cash [for literally everything else].

Thank you from the bottom of my heart if you do ANY of the above, or even just signal boost. It’s truly amazing that I get any donations or kind words at all and it’s no exaggeration that by doing so you’re literally helping us keep living.


Recently two good friends of mine are also being made homeless through no fault of their own and have been forced to give up all their cats for adoption and frantically search for a place. Money is, of course, exceptionally scarce and they need urgent help to move out. You can find a more detailed post from one of them HERE.

If you could at all spare any money to throw their way as well [or instead, if you simply must choose one or the other], please do so as quick as possible over HERE on GoFundMe or via Paypal using the address

If you can somehow help both of us through any means, I will probably cry.

Please signal boost this post and share it as much as you can!! We’re both in completely terrible situations we really cannot get ourselves out of alone and exposure is desperately needed.

Long-time followers of this blog are probably familiar with my friend’s situation as I have reblogged similar posts before. She is a dear friend of mine who has been in this both emotionally and physically damaging situation for far too long despite her best efforts to escape it. We’ve known each other for about five years now and I vouch for her and her situation.

I understand that money can be tight and that not everyone is comfortable donating money to people they don’t know. That’s why I would like to emphasize that you can help out for three through FeaturePoints and SwagBucks. Also regarding the people mentioned in the second part of the post, they make doll jewelry and are open for commissions right now if you might be interested.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this! Reblogs do help and are also greatly appreciated!

please signal boost!! their housing situation has deteriorated further and become even more urgent and on my family’s end i’m still being rejected from every job i apply to and often cant make ends meet!!


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