*Slithers into @pangeasplits’s and @ikeracity’s beds and hisses* Star Wars AU, Jedi younglings in training, growing up together, YOUNG JEDIS IN LOVE AND SECRET MARRIAGE!/mauled.

Ugh I can’t have enough of growing up and falling in love with each other trope, and when it’s a SW AU… I NEED IT! *paws at you 2 with mighty catilla paws*. I hope this is some what close to your ideas laff even tho I forgot about baby Charles’ braid… ayyy.

QQQQQQQQ OMGGG. I love these SO MUCH. I YELLED when I saw them. they’re so perfect. I LOVE the two babies fighting alongside jedi master emma. erik’s little padawan braid is so cute????? i love it. and then he and charles grow up and fall in love and GET MARRIED ahJHSDjkghk. everything about this is perfect *expires*


i love this. love EMMA. i love the three of them fighting alongside each other. i love gentle cuddling in a field (a la ep 2, i’m yelling!!) while r2 vibrates on the side lmfao. i love SECRET FORBIDDEN WEDDING (that Master Emma totally knows about anyway and rolls her eyes like “finally, those idiots”). I LOVE!!!

also everyone should totally check out the awesome fic ike wrote in this little ‘verse: http://archiveofourown.org/works/6829696 (!!!!!) 😀


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