A bajillion thank yous to the amazingly talented @thacmis for her drawing: Charles the murderball player and his proud boyfriend Erik sharing a celebratory kiss on the rugby court! 

Charles has just led his team to victory in double-overtime, scoring a record-breaking 38 points and cinching the lead that helps the Fighting Wood Mice win their league’s championship for the first time in history! With all the excitement and adrenaline, Charles can’t think of a better way to show how happy he is than to make out with his super hot boyfriend for the whole world to see. Of course, Erik’s totally down for that. No matter how many times he’s seen Charles play, he’s always a little in awe of just how fantastic Charles is as a captain and a player (and how jaw-droppingly gorgeous he looks in that jersey holy shit). Clearly, the evening’s festivities have only just begun B^J

(I love every part of this drawing so much. I’m so delighted with the way thacmis brought my idea to life with such detail and emotion and vibrancy. I need happy, proud, confident, disabled Charles in my life forever!!! Thanks again, thac, u da best. :33)


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